Jon’s must read, listen, use, watch of week 3 2018

A list of the most interesting stuff I came across online this week about cryptocurrencies/blockchain and technology in general. I consider them must read, watch, listen, use. Articles and videos can be quite long, but I guarantee they are worth your time.

  • Beyond the Bitcoin BubbleThe New York Times Magazine
    An amazing article about the possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies and public blockchains.
  • Naval Ravikant On How Crypto Is Squeezing VCs, Hindering Regulators And Bringing Users Choice  – Unchained Podcast
    A podcast with Naval Ravikant. A very clever investor and thinker’s point of view on the cryptocurrency space.
  • Inside China’s Vast New Experiment In Social Ranking – WIRED
    Crazy investigation on the ranking system put in place in China by the new financial services providers (Wechat, Alipay,…). For those of you who have watched the first episode of the 3rd season of Black Mirror, with the ranking system, you will be surprised to realize that reality is already not that far from fiction. A reminder that we need decentralized and trustless financial systems.
  • Habitica (IOS, Android) – Habit management application
    App that uses gamification to motivate you to maintain your good habits and to fulfill your daily tasks. Remember your New Year’s resolutions? Those that you already gave up on 1 week later? With Habitica, mine are still on.
  • (FRENCH) L’intelligence artificielle va-t-elle bouleverser l’économie?
    La vidéo d’une conférence de Laurent Alexandre (Chirurgien, Entrepreneur, Expert en intelligence artificielle) sur les conséquences sociales et économiques qui nous guettent avec l’avènement de l’intelligence artificielle.